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October 1 - 3, 2011 in Constance

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The English Bookshop

About the English Bookshop

The English Bookshop of Constance (or, as you now know, "Konstanz"), is remarkable in several ways. Now, in 2011, this shop has been in existence vor seventeen years. It is the only English bookshop in Konstanz. AND the only English bookshop in the county. And the only English Bookshop in Baden (which is, say, the region). And the only English bookshop in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

This is to say, the shop is a very distinguished one. And people have been happy to buy fine English literature there for almost two decades. Mrs. Hille Cook, the proprietor, points out that not only students, but also a large part of the population both of Konstanz and Kreuzlingen (the swiss neighbouring town) buy here, for many famous books - for example, Harry Potter, the Twilight Saga and such - are available in English months before the get translated into the other European languages.

Books in stock

Politics, history, travel, business, science - whatever your field of interest, in this shop you will find first-rate publications on your topic. What is not in stock, will be ordered very quickly; and let´s not forget that service, in these internet-harassed times, is of paramoun importance. Therefore, the English bookshop is proud to offer you the most erudite advice on any new developments regarding new books and current publications. After all, service is what a book shop is about.

A word to the tourist

Last but not least: if you visit the lovely town of Constance - or Konstanz - , you might want to know one or two things. Why is the Lake of Constance there? What is the thousand-year history of this town, which was founded to be a new Rome, featuring seven great churches? What are the most important places of interest for sightseeing? And what about the famous, yet not-so-old university?

To find out all these things, any length of time will hardly suffice. So do yourself a favour and get a souvenir made of paper. Take on of our books with you to read at home, at your leisure, about the place you visited. For after all - the best souvenirs of your life are in your memory. Visit us. Replenish your inner treasure chest.


Visit the shop

English Bookshop

Hille Cook

Münzgasse 10
78462 Konstanz

tel (07531) 150 63
from abroad: +49-(0)-7531-15063

fax (07531) 150 66
from abroad: +49-(0)-7531-15066

A fine selection of English language books is in stock on:

history, travel, current affairs, literature, children´s books, business, management, finance

We order and mail English and German books, usually with a rapid service

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